If you find cooking difficult/impossible, maybe due to disability, chronic illness, as a new/anxious cook, then Cookfulness is THE solution, YOUR solution!

I'm Ian, Mr Cookfulness, and......

👨‍🍳 I run bespoke cooking workshops & courses
🗣 I deliver talks & key note speeches 
📚 I'm an author & food writer♿️🌻 I'm very proudly disabled!

My celebrated Cookfulness 12 Steps To The Happy Stuff is everything YOU need to not just want to cook, but absolutely love to cook, every single day!

I understand the many and varied barriers that cooking and the kitchen can throw in your way, leading you to say "No, I can't cook, I won't cook, I hate cooking!"

I understand that no 2 days are ever the same.  I understand how pressures on your mental health can directly affect your physical health, and physical your mental health each pulling the other down. 

I do though understand just how powerful the sheer joy of cooking can be when you have the combination to help you unpick the lock, unbolt the door, remove the blockades and storm the kitchen!

I know cooking has helped changed my life and my family's lives for the better and I really want to help you find that too!

In November 2023 I was appointed Chair of CRIISP Public Advisory Group, Europe's largest ever funded research into social, individual & personal influenes on Chronic Pain

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I am the only feature recipe writer for the 2 leading Disability lifestyle magazines,  PosAbility and Able


I run regular cooking workshops & series with Charities & Organisations, unlimited questions, answers, sharing & total joy!
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I'm the newest member of the amazing campaigns SimplyVeg/VegPower's Expert Panel

I'm a huge supporter of anyone who is trying to help others, trying to make a difference!

I just love cooking, it's helped change my life, my family's lives and I really want to help make that happen for you too! My Social Media Channels are packed full of advice, hints, tips, recipes, ideas, lifestyle pointers, everything!  Go follow me!

Able2uk's Achiever of the Year 2021

I was incredibly honoured to be announced as Achiever of the Year by such a prestigious disability lifestyle organisation 

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There are some amazing companies out there doing amazing things for our wonderful communities.  For some wonderful kitchen aids and gadgets you can do no better than these! 

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