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“this is a ground-breaking cookbook for those with chronic pain and other debilitating issues. Delicious recipes, cleverly and sympathetically devised!"

Freya North

Award Winning Author 

"Bit by bit you are changing the world”, “I cannot begin to tell you how inspiring you are. I am constantly moved by what you say, so much truth, compassion, real life grit, thank you"

Carrie Grant

Media Personality & Life Coach

“Ian you have my full support and I hope this book reaches as far and wide as it deserves"

Jane Devonshire

Masterchef Winner

 "We love having exclusive recipes for our magazine!"

PosAbility Magazine 

Disability Lifestyle Magazine 

“Ian has created a new type of cookbook specifically for people experiencing challenges with pain and mental health”

Able Magazine 

Disability Lifestyle Magazine 

"Able2uk Achiver Of The Year 2021!


Online Disability Lifestyle 

A key supporter of my book, recipes and approach

Active Hands

Award Winning Support Equipment

The first to let me loose doing cooking workshops and live q&a's!

Footsteps Festival

Online Festival For Chronic Pain Sufferers

We've been suporting each other since day 1! A fabulous resource for fibro sufferers & their family's


Fibromyalgia Charity

We support each other & they offer amazing resources to FND sufferers & their family's 


FND Charity

We support each other & they offer amazing resources to FND sufferers & their family's 


FND Charity

Interviews & expert panels are just a few areas Flippin Pain, the national NHS campaign on Chronic Pain, have supported me with

Flippin Pain

UK National Campaign

They are directly responsible for me publishing Cookfulness! They are a huge supporter of mine as I am of them & we work on Creative Therapy Programmes together.

Bath Centre for Pain Services 

NHS National Pain Service

This incredibly important campaign regularly publishes my recipes

VegPower UK

National Campaign for Veg for Children