The Cookfulness 


Cookfulness is more than cooking!

Cookfulness is WAY bigger than just a cookbook!

Cookfulness is about ways to improve your quality of life, using mine and my family’s experiences of living with disability & chronic illnesses.

I do this with cooking, but also through inspirational advice and support, sharing my self-help techniques, my poetry, my love of music to inspire & my guidance on how to live better.

I'm refreshingly unique!

Some of my favourite Cookfulness Lifestyle Tips & Techniques

Give Yourself Time- prep time & cook time are only useful if you are in the same health as who wrote it! I've invented Give Yourself Time to give you the extra time YOU need! 
Widen Your Kitchen- you don't have to be in the kitchen all of the time to cook, in the pressure zone! I have so many ways you can utilise different areas of the house for a more relaxed & happy cooking experience!
Music - hugely important to me, it sets the tone, drives emotions, feelings, thoughts. Creating your Cookfulness Playlist is top priority!

A Little Extra
- batch cooking used to be possible, now it scares me! Lots of the same dish! So I've invented this, make a little extra of favourite dishes, bag it, tag it & freeze it for when you are going to need it, & you will!
Smart Ingredients - there are so many part/fully pre prepared ingredients that can help you when you need it.  Give yourself as many options as you can. No 2 days are the same so why not have ingredients that can help for each of those days? Frozen, fresh, pre chopped, pastes, use them!
Visualisation - I do this every single day! I flood my brain with positive new memories, things that have happened, things I want to happen, things happening right now. Vivid pictures to soak me in happiness & joy. We all need to be able to draw on these to help squash any anxiety, negativity, catastrophising!
Know Your Freezer - firstly, use your freezer for smart ingredients, your 'little extra cooking' but, most important of all, keep a little list of these key things & what drawer they are in, when brain fog hits you'll need the guidance!
Smart Utensils - there are some amazing utensils out there to give you a helping hand when you need it, I use a lot from Active Hands & you can get a 10% special discount in their shop using code Cookful10 (I'm not paid in any way for this)


Breathe - strange as it may sound, please remember to breathe and breathe well. Breathing well is so helpful in reducing anxiety levels

 I bring all of these & a whole lot more to my shows, talks & demos, as well as on my social media channels so sign up, follow, watch & thank you!!